ISB Golf Center

We have 10+ Golf Professionals available for all levels.

ISB Golf Center

6 Simulator Bays, Practice Chipping Green and Puttview virtual putting green.

ISB Golf Center

Over 80 of the most popular golf courses throughout the world.

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We have fitted 6 spacious bays with the ultimate simulation technology Foresight Sports GC Hawk. With its massive ball capture range, the GC Hawk allows players both right and left handers to hits shots with the absolute confidence that the performance is precisely measured. The foresight sports FSX 2020 software offers 86 golf courses for player enjoyment, multi range modes, game for the kids, league play, plus various skill tests all at the push of a button. Integrated into each bay with the GC Hawk is the Swing Catalyst video capture software. Using high speed cameras both front and back view allows all players to capture each and every swing, analyze your form and record all the club and ball data for each shot, just like the pros. In our super bay we have also added the Swing catalyst balance plate to capture body mass movement, pressure shifts, transition form and center of pressure tracing.​


A 220sqm chipping and putting green facilitate all the practical situations you will face on the golf course. The thoughtfully designed green allows for a variety of shot options in a safe environment. From lofted chips to bump & runs. The green is contoured with a slight tilt from back to front. Work on your sand game with the practice bunker, designed to reflect shots from greenside bunkers found on a golf course.


For putting, we introduce Puttview. Puttview has reinvented the way we practice our putting. It transforms any putting green into an interactive learning environment. It lets players and coaches create any putting scenario indoors to see real results out on the course. It instantly calculates any putt, projects it, directly onto the green and tracks your performance in real time to provide actionable feedback.

ISB Golf Center
39/505 Nichada Thani, Soi Samakkee 29,
Samakkee Road, Bangtalad, Pakkret,
Nonthaburi 11120
Open Daily
 Mon – Fri: 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Sat – Sun & Holidays: 08:00 AM – 07:00 PM
Booking in advance is required.
Mon – Fri: The last booking is at 7 PM
Sat – Sun & Holidays: The last booking is at 6 PM


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Mon - Fri: 09:00am - 08:00pm
Sat - Sun & Holidays: 08:00am - 07:00pm